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Windshield wiper knock or loud sound 3 moves to solve, so that you can use it for another 2 years

October 22 , 2021

When driving to the rain, I found that the windshield wiper was not clean and beat by itself. There are always blurred rain spots?

I dare not drive at high speed. What's the matter? Is there glue in the rain and the car doesn't adapt?

Later I learned:

First, I forgot to add glass water. When I left, I mixed it with glass water and added some pure water. The decontamination ability decreased

Second, it's bumpy all the way. There's a lot of oil on the road. No wonder it's not clean. At this time, it's best to use washing powder and detergent to wash the glass.

Third, a spare wiper blade was replaced in the middle, which was a little better.

When it comes to windshield wiper blades, We will talk to car friends about wipers. They often encounter small problems and solve big things!

When the windshield wiper moves in a certain direction, it jumps on the glass, causing abnormal noise.

In this case, there are sand grains in the grooves on both sides of the wiper skin, so that it cannot maintain the correct angle with the glass through normal deformation.

First, when the wiper is dry, move the wiper to the maintenance position, lift the problematic windshield wiper, twist the wiper skin to the left and right for several times, and generally the sand in the groove can be squeezed out.

Second, if the wiper is wet, use a small slotted screwdriver to draw from head to tail along the grooves on both sides of the wiper skin, or fine sandpaper, and pull it!

Third, there is a loose rubber strip clamp on the wiper. Use pointed nose pliers to clamp the gap between each joint and the rubber sheet.

After the windshield wiper, there is an oily water film on the glass and the sound is loud.

There is oil stain on the front windshield, and the windshield wiper cannot be close to the glass, resulting in loud noise.

Use household glass water, detergent and detergent mixed with detergent. Spray the outer surface of the front glass, then start the windshield wiper, and pour some clean water on the front gear to help clean.

After the windshield wiper is brushed, the front window leaves an arc watermark, which affects the line of sight.

The main reason is that there is dirt on the contact surface between the wiper skin and the glass, which makes the wiper skin unable to cling to the glass.

First, if the windshield wiper is dry, spray some glass water or pour some clean water to wet it, move the windshield wiper to the maintenance position, lift the problematic windshield wiper, wipe the contact surface between the wiper and the glass with a clean paper towel, and wipe away the dirt.

Second, if there is still a slight watermark, use No. 0 sandpaper, fine sandpaper, stained with water, gently polish it several times from top to bottom, and pay attention to uniform force, which can completely solve the problem.

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