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Some things you need to pay attention to when you need to use the windshield wiper blades while driving

October 09 , 2021

As we all know, when the car wiper blades wiping, the impact on the driver's line of sight is inevitable. So for novices, how to reduce the interference of the windshield wiper on the driving vision is a must-learn driving skill.

No matter if your wipers are metal wiper blades, frameless wiper blades,  or hybrid wiper blades, when you driving on a stop-and-go congested road, try not to operate the wiper frequently, so as to avoid car collisions caused by distracted operation.

When we operate the wiper water spray function, if we find that there is no wiper water spray, we must first check whether the nozzle is blocked, and then check whether the wiper water storage is sufficient.

And there is one more thing we need to pay attention to, don’t let the wiper wipe dry the glass(don’t let the wiper swing when the glass is dry), If the wiper rubber refills is aging and hard, or there are a lot of sand and foreign matter attached to the windshield, the car wiper blades will easily scratch the glass and cause irreparable damage.

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