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Is the longer the wiper the better?

December 31 , 2021

First of all, be sure to confirm the size of the windshield wiper blades used by your car before buying, this is very important!

When buying a new metal wiper blade, many consumers feel that if you install a wiper that is longer than the original one, the wiping effect will be improved to a certain extent, and the area of the wiper will increase and the field of view will be better.

But this is actually a misunderstanding. In fact, for most front windshields with a curvature, the wiper is not as long as possible. Extending the length of the wiper can increase the wiping area and obtain a relatively larger field of view, but it will also increase the wiper. The burden of the motor and the increase in length will also result in insufficient downforce, resulting in unclean scraping. Therefore, it is very important to choose a wiper suitable for your car.

In addition, for most cars equipped with more than one wiper, the length of all wipers should be measured before purchasing, because the size of most multi-spoke wipers will vary a lot. After the above preparations are completed, you can proceed to the next step of selection and purchase.

At present, there are a dazzling array of bone wiper brands on the market, and the quality is also different. In fact, you only need to choose according to your own needs when purchasing.

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