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New Electromagnetic Wipers Could Revolutionize The Wiper Blade Industry

October 22 , 2021

You may not choose the next car based on the size, shape, or effect of the wiper blades. But maybe you are attracted by the marketing of "sensing wipers".

The patent application by Tesla on September 5 describes an "electromagnetic wiper system for vehicle windshields". This is a single-blade design. They replaced a rotating motor arm with a pair of rails, that is, two electromagnetic rails are placed on the bottom and top of the windshield. These two rails push the electromagnet on the wiper arm and push the windshield wiper blades to move back and forth. The principle is similar to magnetic levitation. train.

Tesla is getting closer and closer to fully autonomous driving, and they are always paying attention to their own autonomous driving functions. Their semi-autonomous system may benefit from this new wiper system.

Its working principle is mainly as follows. The electromagnetic wiper system may include a linear actuator, and the linear actuator may include a guide rail and an electromagnetic moving block. The guide rail includes a plurality of permanent magnetic strips, which can be arranged horizontally along the curvature of the windshield of the vehicle. The electromagnetic moving block can function as an electromagnetic train, and includes a plurality of perforations and at least one electromagnetic coil surrounding the multiple perforations in the electromagnetic moving block. The linear movement of the electromagnetic moving block can be controlled by the plurality of permanent magnet rods. Manipulating the wiper arm can be coupled to an electromagnetic moving block to wipe a certain area back and forth across the entire windshield, for example, the entire transparent area of the windshield (that is, an area close to a percentage). This may generate minimal friction during the linear movement of the electromagnetic moving block.

Anyway, this is a wiper blade industry technological innovation, hope we can work successful Chinese wiper blade together in the future too.

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