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How to solve the problem of car wiper blades not returning

October 22 , 2021

The wiper does not return because the return contact in the wiper is not in good contact or the fuse is burned, and there is no return switch power supply. Check whether the motor is working normally, or check whether the wiper is stuck or open circuit, or check whether the hardware is not lubricated enough, resulting in excessive friction.

1. Check whether the motor is working properly

First of all, after we have determined that the fault has occurred, we should check with the outside first and the inside first, and the simple first and then the difficult method to reduce time consumption. Turn off the wiper motor, and then turn on the wiper motor to check whether the motor is operating normally. If it is normal, remove the motor fault.

2. Check if the wiper is stuck or disconnected

After there is no problem with the motor, the next thing we need to do is to check other than the motor problem, such as whether the wiper is disconnected, whether it is stuck, these relatively simple things.

3. Check whether the hardware is not lubricated enough, causing excessive friction

If none of the above situations occur, check whether the hardware is not lubricated and the friction is too large, and the spring cannot automatically return to its original position, and then apply lubricating oil on the surface of the card.

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