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Six precautions for wiper maintenance

May 14 , 2021

At present, electric wiper is widely used in automobile. Although the wiper is small, if it is not used properly, its components may be damaged, which will affect the driver's sight in rainy days and endanger the driving safety. Therefore, the following problems should be paid attention to when using the wiper:

1. Check the wiper blades regularly. When it is found that the wiper blade is seriously worn or dirty, it should be replaced or cleaned in time, otherwise the working efficiency of the wiper will be reduced and the driver's sight will be affected. When cleaning the wiper blade, use cotton yarn dipped with alcohol cleaning agent to gently wipe the dirt on the blade. Do not use gasoline to clean and soak the blade, otherwise the blade will deform and affect its work.

2. When checking the working condition of the wiper, wet the windshield with water first, otherwise the glass will be scratched. At the same time, due to the large friction resistance of the blade, the blade may be damaged or the motor may be burnt. After turning on the wiper switch, pay attention to whether the motor makes abnormal noise, especially when the wiper motor "hums" but does not rotate, it means that the mechanical transmission part has rusted or stuck, so the wiper switch should be turned off immediately to prevent burning the motor.

3. When the wiper switch is turned off, the wiper blade should return to the lower side of the windshield and stop. If the stop position is not right, it should be adjusted. When adjusting, the cover of the automatic stop can be turned, the stop position will be shortened when turning clockwise, and the stop position will be extended when turning anticlockwise.

4. When using the wiper in winter, if the blade is frozen or stuck by the snow, the switch should be turned off immediately and the ice and snow can be removed before continuing to use, otherwise the motor will be burned due to the excessive resistance of the blade.

5. Do not remove the motor at will. If it is necessary to remove the motor due to fault, do not drop or collide the motor. Because the wiper motor mostly uses permanent magnet DC motor, its magnetic pole is mostly made of ceramic material, which is easily damaged by impact.

6. The wiper motor is mostly closed type and can not be disassembled at will. When it has to be disassembled, it is necessary to keep the inside clean, and do not let dirt such as scrap iron fall into it; When assembling, add a little lubricating oil to the felt of the oil bearing, and replace or supplement the lubricating grease in the reducer.

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