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The feature of Boneless wiper

April 29 , 2021

Boneless wiper blade is composed of four parts: wiper rubber strip, boneless wiper steel sheet, wiper sheath and plastic parts. Compared with traditional wiper assembly, boneless wiper assembly is very simple and convenient; It can be assembled by hand without tools such as a screwdriver.

Feature :

1. The boneless wiper is closely connected with the curved glass, and the force is even. The carbon film is applied to the scraping blade to ensure the scraping is quieter, smoother and cleaner.

2. The design adopts aerodynamics principle, when the vehicle is running at high speed, the blade will not be lifted by air flow, so as to ensure the cleaning is clearer.

3. The optimized wiper structure design, the middle strip is flat and wide, which has the function of shading and aging prevention.

4. The structure of floating steel sheet without frame is adopted to eliminate the shaking of motion. It has long life and light weight, and has stronger adhesion than traditional wiper.

5. Rubber strip and spring strip are all ozone resistant and UV resistant rubber, which can adapt to different climate conditions.

6. Compared with the bone Wiper, the combination of boneless wiper is more simple and convenient, and it only needs manual installation, without other tools.

Difference one: structure

No bone Wiper no bone, bone Wiper bone. The combination of modern boneless wiper has the advantages of bone and traditional boneless, and a kind of bone free wiper can also be said to have bone steel frame structure.

Difference 2: working mode

Traditional universal wiper blades has multiple pressure points, but the integrated steel sheet used by boneless wiper has uniform stress points.

Difference 3: installing

When replacing the boneless wiper on the car, it is not necessary to replace the wiper arm; To replace the bony wiper, it is necessary to replace the bony wiper together with the wiper arm.

Difference 4: effect

The boneless wiper is designed by the aerodynamic principle. When the vehicle is running at high speed, the blade will not be lifted by air flow, so as to ensure the cleaning is clearer.

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