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The science and ingenuity behind car wiper blades?

March 31 , 2022

When you look at the windshield wiper blades, would you wonder what the inner structure of the car blade is? What material are they made of?

windshield wiper blades

The critical moment for windscreen wiper is when you need and use them, in other words, when the rubber hits the windshield. At this point, the performance of the wiper blade will depend on all decisions made about its construction. While they may seem like a simple accessory, they do so much more than you see - there's a lot of thought and science behind the construction and design of this humble wiper blade.

Specifically: what are they made of? Also, what coating was used?

1.Rubber refill:

Rubber refill are the soul of universal wiper blades, and Rubber can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber, both have advantages and disadvantages, so manufacturers have started to combine natural rubber and EPDM rubber materials through co-extrusion process to provide excellent performance in all conditions.

2.Coating - the vital layer

Regardless of the material chosen, both natural and synthetic rubber will slowly deteriorate over time due to heat, UV radiation, oxygen and ozone.

One way manufacturers solve this problem is to add coatings. Not only does the coating reduce friction between the blade and the windshield, it also maintains wipe quality and reduces noise throughout the blade's lifetime.

At present, Teflon coating and rolling graphite coating are mainly used in the market.

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