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What to do with old car wiper blades

March 31 , 2022

What to do with old car wiper blades ?

Car Wiper Blade is a tool for simple cleaning on the front windshield of a motor vehicle to prevent rain and other dirt from affecting the sight, it belongs to Residual Waste.

Residual Waste also called other waste, which refers to other domestic wastes other than recyclables, hazardous garbage, and kitchen waste (wet garbage). The wiper blade material and rubber refills are harmless and non-recyclable. So it is best to dispose of old wiper blades in Residual Waste.

If you barely have any space in your Residual Waste bin, or if it fills up frequently, that's okay, there's a other way. Since multifunctional windshield wipers are bulky and can only be crushed with tools and force, you can also take your old wipers to a recycling center or local landfill for professional disposal. This may cause fewer problems. Processing them there is usually free.

Another option is to take the wipers to a professional workshop and have them treated there. This is usually free too, especially if you install new wipers in the workshop.

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