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The windshield wiper rubber refill is easy to harden, is there any good solution?

May 13 , 2022

Many car owners will find a problem after using their windscreen wiper blades for a period of time: the wipers are not clean. After inspection, it was found that the rubber refill was hard. What is going on? What should I do if the rubber is hard?

windscreen wiper blades

The hardening of the wiper rubber is mainly caused by the deterioration of the rubber refill. The rubber is easy to age, dry and harden. This is due to the deterioration and aging of rubber caused by long-term wind and sun exposure. And it is worth noting that this kind of aging is irreversible, in other words, the hardened wiper rubber is difficult to soften, so replacing it is the only solution.

If you want to prevent the wiper rubber from aging, the most important thing is to protect it. Of course, this does not mean that the wiper rubber should be removed every time to protect it. The key is to use glass water and other products to protect the wiper rubber refill. Many people like to use detergent mixed with water to replace glass water, which accelerates the aging of wiper rubber refills. You must know that if you have washed dishes with detergent, you will know that your hands will feel very dry after using detergent. This is because of the degreasing effect of the detergent. Therefore, if you use detergent mixed with water to replace glass water for a long time, it will accelerate the hardening of the rubber strip, so it is recommended that you use glass water as the best method. And the antifreeze performance of glass water is much better than the antifreeze type of detergent and water,can protect your car well in winter.

Besides, in addition to the rubber refill, there is also a silicone refills wiper. Due to the use of silicone material, the life of the wiper will be longer than that of ordinary rubber refills. It can also form a protective layer on the glass surface, which is relatively cost-effective.

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