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Why do the car wipers not reset? How to solve it?

April 29 , 2022

When driving in the rainy season, the windscreen wiper blades can improve the visibility of the driver, increase driving safety, and provide the driver with great convenience.

If there are no wiper blades or the windshield wiper blades has problems, it would be extremely troublesome. So what should we do if the Car Back Window Wiper Blade can not reset automatically? What are the precautions for using wipers?

1. It may be the motor problem

If it is a motor failure, first we can turn off the wiper motor, then turn on, and check if the motor is running normally. If it is running normally, it means that the problem of motor failure can be eliminated.

2. The wiper blade is aging or stuck by foreign objects

The wiper cannot be reset automatically, it may caused by aging wiper blade rubber refills or some foreign object stucks such as dust, the reset of the wiper is hindered. So we can try to use a damp cloth to clean the wiper rubber strips and windshield.

3. Check whether the hardware is lubricated

If neither of the above two situations occurs, you can check the lubrication level of the hardware at this time. If the lubrication level is low, the friction force will be too large, and the spring will not automatically return to its original position. We only need to apply lubricating oil on the card surface.

If the wiper blade does not stop in the correct position after the wiper switch is disconnected, it may be due to improper adjustment. We can loosen the fastening nut on the shaft and rotate the wiper lever shaft to the windshield. Tighten the nut at the appropriate position.

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