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Top 5 Wipers Blades Questions and Maintenance Tips

January 21 , 2022

Question-1: I don't know which wiper to buy. Is it the more expensive the better?

Answer : Generally, when buying wipers, it is recommended that car owners buy wipers suitable for their own models. Nowadays, the popular wipers are boneless wipers, but not all models are suitable for use. Sometimes the performance of traditional iron frame wipers may be higher than that of cartilage wipers. The selection of wipers should be based on the performance of the wipers themselves, And the performance of the connecting rod is the best.

Question-2: How long can the car wiper blade be kept when it is not in use?

Answer: It can be stored for 1-2 years without any use, but the storage environment is very harsh. Try to be in a cool place. Even in a cool environment, it does not mean that the rubber will not age, but the aging degree is slightly lower. If it is exposed outdoors, even the rubber products of the original wiper can not be guaranteed! In order to avoid this problem, the best way is to effectively understand our own demand, reasonably control self remembering inventory and do a good job in first in first out, which is the highest principle for us to make any product!

Question -3: Does the wiper rubber refill feel as soft as possible?

Answer: No, the wiper and connecting rod cooperate with each other. Strictly speaking, the changes of wiper rubber strips are different in different environments. The formula of rubber strips is very important. In addition, the connecting rod pressure values are different for different vehicle lines. For example, for the wiper connecting rod of European and Asian vehicles, the connecting rod pressure of European vehicles is relatively large, The strength that rubber needs to bear is also too large, but for Asian cars, the opposite is relatively simple and easy to control. It is recommended that the selection of products should be based on the corresponding model of the car. Whether it is soft or not is not representative!

Question-4: What is the effect of oil on the windshield wiper?

Answer: Yes, with the accumulation of time and the factors of the use environment, the windshield continues to accumulate and produce ink on the glass, which will lead to unclean and jumping of the rain brush. When it rains, it may also fog, which will affect your sight! The soul of the wiper is a rubber product. It will gradually age after being exposed to the sun and rain for a long time and temperature difference. If it is eroded by external oil ester, car wax and bad glass water again, the service life of the wiper will be greatly reduced. If the wiper is of poor quality, the service life may be shorter!

Question-5: How often do you clean the glass regularly?

Answer: During long-distance driving, it is inevitable to encounter poor road conditions or pollution. There are oil esters in the air and oil esters dripping from vehicles parked under trees. These all need professional cleaning. After the oil ester dirt is removed, it is generally recommended to do deep cleaning once a month, which is not only better for the rain brush, It is also another kind of maintenance for the pores of your windshield!

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