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What is the difference between Teflon Coating and Graphite Coating rubber refill?

January 26 , 2022

Do you know what treatment your windscreen wiper blades rubber refill use?

The most common types in the market is Teflon Coating and Graphite Coating.

So do you know the difference between these two types?

From processing technology:

Graphite coating is made by placing the rubber refill in the roller and rolling it for about 6 hours to allow the graphite to adhere to the surface of the rubber strip for lubrication. It may roll unevenly and the adhesion time is very short (it is easy to get black paint on the touch) .

Teflon coating is made by placing the rubber refill in liquid, with more even absorption and longer adhesion time. The Teflon coated rubber refill contains a small amount of graphite, but not exsit same problem with total graphite coating.

From service life:

The residence time of graphite coating rubbers is about 1-2 months, and Teflon can stay for more than half a year.

Teflon coating rubber refill has: rain non-stick, heat resistance, sliding, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance.

So the wiper strip is sprayed with Teflon, which can increase the lubricity and reduce the friction with car glass. Friction, improve wiper service life.

So what types of rubber refill do you prefer? Leave a message, we can send you a sample for check.

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