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Do You Know How to Activate the Wiper Service Position?

January 21 , 2022

How to activate the wiper service position? Here are some tips for your reference.

The wiper service position is used to move your new wiper blades into a vertical position making them easily accessible and is common among-st newer model and European vehicles.

This is not a design flaw, vehicle manufacturers are implementing these design changes for aesthetic reasons and to hide the wiper blades out of UV exposure to prolong the wiper blade lifespan.

Most vehicles allow the car wiper blades to be lifted high enough to change or clean your wiper blades but it can make a simple job, difficult. If you are unsure if your wiper arm makes contact with your bonnet, you can lift the wiper arm slowly to check if it makes contact, wrap your wiper arm with a towel to avoid any damage before lifting.

We have attached some information to assist with this process, it may vary between models in some way; for additional information you can check your owner/service manual.

The bonnet must be closed completely otherwise this may not work and in some models, closing the drivers door after activating the service position causes the windshield wipers to return to the resting position which can cause damage to your vehicle if the wiper arms are lifted away from the windscreen.

Once you are done, place the Windscreen Wiper Blades down onto the windscreen, turn on the vehicle, activate the wiper blades as you normally would by using the wiper stalk and the wiper blades should return to the resting position.

The information enclosed within this guide is generic and not model specific, you should read your user manual for further information.

If you have others questions about windshield wiper blades, please feel to free to contact us,we are professional to help you.

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