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What are the advantages and disadvantages of different wiper methods

July 14 , 2021

Friends who know more about cars will find that there are also different ways of car wiper blades. There are two common ways:

One is the clockwise scraping, which works to the left and right together;

car wiper blades

The other is opposite scraping. As the name suggests, when they work, the windshield wiper blades on the left goes to the right, and the one on the right goes to the left. They open and close in this way.

What's the difference between these two methods of wipers? Let's talk about it today.

First of all, no matter what kind of wiper is used, according to the requirements of the national standard, it must reach 98% of the wiper coverage in front of the driver, and some country is 80%.Therefore, it is based on this standard to select which kind of sweeping method.

Some people may say that the car's windshield is not all the same? How could this happen? My friends, different glasses have different shapes and different aspect ratios. Some are 16:9; Some are 21:9; Some may be 10:6.

The front windshield has an aspect ratio. Relatively speaking, no more than 0.7 of the screen is relatively wide; The relatively flat type generally has more choices for smooth scraping, which is also more suitable. Why? It can use shorter wiper blade and smaller wiper motor to save money. In the case of similar effect, the cost performance of smooth scraping will be higher.

Of course, if the windshield of a car is very high, but not very wide, like many French cars, the front windshield extends up all the time. Basically, it is necessary to use the split type wiper. Relatively speaking, there is a disadvantage to the wiper, that is, after each shave, the extra small water drops will flow down from the center of the windshield, and even affect the line of sight, which makes people very headache. It's not that it's totally unprofitable. Since the left and right sides of the car are symmetrical, the sight of the driver and co driver will be very good.

Generally speaking, the impact on safety will not be too great, but it will help the mood. Seeing clearly in rainy days can give people a sense of security and comfort.

This is also the reason why the French are romantic. Most of the wipers in French cars are split type. First, the glass is high; Secondly, after all, they pay more attention to human factors.

Just now I have talked about the advantages of smooth scraping. Now let's talk about its disadvantages. The disadvantage is that the upper right corner of the windshield in the co driver's position can't be scraped, which may cause a blind area. Especially for the tall ones, there will be more on the upper half of the whole windshield when the wiper sweeps. In this case, if there is a blind area in this area, it will be a bit irritable.

Having said so much, let's sum it up. When we buy a car, we basically don't have a choice between the right wiper and the right one. But through this wiper way, we can learn more about the positioning of the car itself at the beginning of the design. If it's a wiper design, the lighting of the car is often better. The whole car looks bright and spacious, which is suitable for home and travel; If it's smooth scraping, it's more economical. Aerodynamics is a common choice.

Therefore, the small wiper can also see the style of the car factory, which can be regarded as a reference for car buyers.

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