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Why are the two car wiper blades on the front of the car not the same length

February 25 , 2022

Why are the two car wiper blades on the front of the car not the same length?

Most of the models are one long and one short, the main driver is long and the co-pilot is short, the purpose is to ensure the absolute clear vision of the main driver and protect the driving safety of drivers and passengers in rainy days.

Of course, there are also models with the same length as the main and co-pilots. Most of these models have a larger glass arc, and use one long and one short wiper, which is prone to leakage.

It is recommended to follow the size of the original car when replacing the wiper, and it is not recommended to increase or decrease the size by yourself.

Theoretically speaking, as long as the wipers can meet the coverage requirements in the regulations, the area A (main driver's seat) covers more than 98%, and the area B (co-pilot) covers more than 80%.

Nowadays, most of the windshield wiper blades work in the same direction from left to right, that is, along the wiper.

In order to increase the driver's vision in rainy days and avoid collisions when the left and right wipers are wiping, out of habit, we generally install the long wipers in the main driver's seat, and the short wipers in the passenger seat.

If you do not know what length of wiper blades you need, send me a message and your vehicle types, our we will give you a free solutions.

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