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Why is there an abnormal noise after replacing the new wipers?

February 25 , 2022

When the wipers is exposed to the air for a long time, it is inevitable that the wiper blade rubber refills will be aged and the firmware will be worn out, which will cause the friction between the wiper and the glass to cause abnormal noise.

However, there is still abnormal noise after replacing the new wiper, what is the reason?

Many car owners go to the auto repair shop to clean the whole car (including the windshield) with film or wax. However, once the windshield is waxed or stained with oil film, the following problems will occur:

(1) Wiper vibration, noise

The friction of the surface will increase, and the friction of the rubber strip will also increase when the wiper is working, causing jitter and noise.

(2) When driving at night, white fog appears on the surface of the windshield after the lights are illuminated.

Wet the glass with clean water to determine whether the glass has oil stains. With the wiper arms upright, pour a little of the glass cleaning paste onto the brush. Then use the brush to scrub vigorously on the glass to ensure that every glass is evenly scrubbed. After scrubbing, rinse the glass cleaning paste with clean water, check that the windscreen is smooth with running water, and you're done!

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