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Basic Windshield Wiper Blade Knowledge

April 08 , 2022

Windshield wipers are indispensable components to the maintenance of a safe and comfortable field of vision when driving on rainy and snowy days.

In order for wipers to be able to maintain a clear field of vision they are required to wipe away many different kinds of things from the surface of the windshield such as snowflakes, water droplets, mud, sand, dust, insects and other foreign objects.


The wiper system is made up of four components the wiper motor, link, arm and blade.


The purpose of the wiper system, to ensure a clear field of vision by wiping the glass clean.


The wiper configuration

Soft wiper blade is mainly comprised of the level, rubber blade, the clip, and the rivets that blind each of the components together.

Frameless wiper blade is mainly comprised of the spring, coat, rubber, clip, connector, out-cover and end cap.


The Useful Life of a wiper

Damaged wiper blade cannot be expected to give good service.

When you begin to see blemishes in your field of vision, it's time to change the blade.

Windshield wiper has no protective cover, of course.

l Even when not in use, it sits in its receptacle between the windshields

and the hood subjected to the wind, rain and sun, 24 hours of every day, 365 days of every year.

Car wiper blade begins deteriorating the very minute it's installed to the

vehicle. We recommend that you change your car wiper blades at least twice a year !

l Once coming from summer time into winter due to the heat of the

sun causing cracked blades! Also coming from winter time into the summer months due to the colder temperature of winter also causing damage to the blades! 

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