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Warnings for Longevity of Windscreen Wiper Blades

April 08 , 2022

There are some details that we need to pay attention to in order to extend the car wiper blade life of our cars. If we consider the 7 items below, we can extend the wiper lifetime almost 2 times and reduce our vehicle maintenance costs a little bit.


In Snowy and Icy Weather, raise your windscreen wipers in freezing cold, so that the rubber tires do not stick to the windshield by freezing and the possibility of tearing is eliminated.


Cheap Car Wash Foams do not have your favorite car washed in car wash stations that you do not know. Cheap foamy washing detergents damage all rubber parts of our vehicle and fade their colors due to the harsh abrasive chemicals they contain. Such harmful chemicals harden the sensitive wiper blades and cause them to crack and work as well as skipping while working.


Parking Under Trees, don’t leave your car under the tree! Especially in summer, trees shed resin, they stick to the windows of your car and cannot be easily removed. When your wipers work on resin-coated glass, they are exposed to the sanding effect and wear out.


Drying or Cleaning the Wiper Blades, wiping the windshield wiper blades with the help of a cloth, especially during drying after washing, forces and wears the rubber eraser blade. Also, the small invisible rips are filled with various dirt, which will open when the wiper blades are cleaned, revealing the worn wiper blade. Afterwards, when the wipers operate, it will leave water marks from these places.


Wiper Assembly, during the assembly of wiper blades, it is sometimes necessary to press the erasers into place. At this stage, if you hold the pressure from the rubber tires, they will be damaged. Always mount by applying pressure to the wiper frame!


Bird droppings, dried bird droppings on the glass become hard enough to shatter your wiper blades, which happens very quickly, especially in the sun. Don’t forget! Windshield wipers are designed to clean water, using it like a toilet brush may not be a good idea.


Flies and Insects Sticking to the Windshield, taking a toilet break at gas stations both relaxes you and the brushes here are more effective than car wipers in removing flies.

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