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How to deal with the car wiper blade without spraying water?

April 21 , 2022

Make sure whether there is a problem on one side or both sides. If there is a problem on only one side, it is usually caused by the blockage of the water nozzle on the wrong side.

The solution is: poke it with a sewing needle, a pin or a very thin steel wire; First, spray out the remaining glass water, and then blow air at the blocked nozzle with an air gun.

If there is a problem with the water spray on the left and right sides, which may be the problem of less glass water, less water pipes, less filters and less motors, it can be handled according to the following steps:

(1) First check whether there is less glass water, fill it up and try again;

(2) Check whether the water pipe is damaged and whether the interface is loose;

(3) Check the motor and its wiring. We can get someone to control the water spray button in the car. A person can open the engine compartment and listen to the sound of the water spray motor. If the sound is very weak, there may be a problem with the motor. If there is no sound and the wiring is OK, it is basically the motor itself.

(4) If it is the problem of the water spray motor itself, first check whether the filter screen is blocked and can be repaired. For example, remove the water pipe at the other end of the water spray port, open the glass water injection port, and then blow air into the water pipe with an air gun. The water in the glass water tank will be blown out through the water injection port to blow out the dirt attached to the filter screen. If there are other problems, it is estimated that only the motor can be replaced.

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